Being creative isn't a hobby, it's a way of life! 

I like it when ordinary things become attractive to the eye and become extraordinary. And I absolutely love it when I can make that happen. 

On one hand I like to make very custom 'one of a kind' art, like a postcard to a very special someone, or to an unusual occasion. This also includes a very first prototype to view something before it goes into (mass) production, like a board game, or even a scale model. As an example my personal business cards are handpainted. I like the feeling of the little lack of paint on top of the paper, the way they are all a little different from each other, and the thought of handing over minutes of my time / attention over to someone.

On the other hand I also love working digitally and hope my art reaches a large public with logo design, animations and print jobs like brochures. I'm always happy when content reaches the eye because it's visually attractive. 

I've been working together with THINK-E, an engineering company situated in Oud-Heverlee that works around energy storage. I loved making a 'newspaper' for the local energy community they are trying to build in their street. 

Spring-Stof is a rising association near the city of Leuven for children with a strong cognition. I love to be part of their team as a graphic designer. 

This young audience is a joy to work for. 

To visualize the works I describe here, please scroll through my portfolio. Got a feeling I am the right fit for a job? Please don't hesitate to contact me!

Collage totaal.jpg
Rekenspel display.jpg
Today... my first graphic story. #visual
Voici Odette avec des lunettes. #myfirst
My bike #watercolor.jpg
Tel en win spelregels.JPG